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I’ve not had the best luck with cars in the past, so I’m pretty well acquainted with Kelley Blue Book. So when I saw that they came out with an ad for their new “Instant Cash Offer” feature on their app, I was intrigued. But this isn’t what I expected… Check it out:

So they made in instant cash thing a sub-plot point to the parody-like commercial. I thought this was entertaining, it made me chuckle.

I will be in the market for a new car soon, and this ad reminded me that Kelley Blue Book is a thing. Thanks for the reminder and the laugh.

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Focus on what you love

Apple came out with a new commercial for the iPhone 7 plus. It’s set in Shanghai and is all about the new “Portrait” mode on the iPhone 7 plus camera. Check it out:

From what I can tell, portrait mode is just a nice way of saying you can get a shallow depth of field, which is how I take like all my photos on my DSLR.

So if I had the money, which I don’t, I would totally go out and buy an iPhone 7 plus purely for the camera options like portrait and low light.

Basically this commercial totally sold me on the newest iPhone. Plus it’s kind of my fantasy world to be in a big city all by myself. Good job Apple.

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Ikea bag

So earlier  I was just browsing through social media when I came across this article:

It had been shared by 3 different pages I follow, so I figured it would be worth checking out.

So what happened was this designer fashion company manufactured a bag that looked almost exactly like the super cheap giant tote you can buy at Ikea. The price was a steep $2145. So Ikea jumped on the chance to make an ad campaign.

They worked with the Swedish ad agency, ACNE, and came out with a campaign advertising their $0.99 bag as “The Original.” Here’s an example:


I thought this was incredibly clever and smart of them to jump on this chance. From my perspective, they don’t do a lot of advertising, so this is a great opportunity to remind people of their existence. And that they’re cheap.

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At first I was like, Star Wars. But then, I was like, oh!

Polaroid, from what I’ve seen, has some very clever people working in their ad department. This commercial just further illustrates that point.

And hey, what better way to bring people together than to enclose them in a small space and then make that space smaller?

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Just 1 look…

Take a gander:

While browsing through Ads of the World, I came across this short film type advertisement. I think we can all agree that it is powerful.

I’ve had some interesting experiences with homeless people. In San Francisco I was told to “please lose some weight,” followed by some choice curse words. In Salt Lake City I was cursed at for being blonde. The number of times a homeless person has cursed at me for one reason or another has become too many to count.

However, in Dublin, I was stopped by a man sitting in front of a museum. He was wearing Minnie Ears and very tattered clothing. He held my hand and told me I was beautiful, that he would pray for me because I wasn’t having a great day, and to have a lovely day.

As you can see, encounters with homeless people can be degrading. Or, they can be life-changing. I’d prefer to remember the life-changing experiences.

This commercial really reminded me that, even though this person doesn’t have shelter, they are a human being, and they deserve to be treated like one, in a good way.

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Montage – Sounds of Trauma


Powerful, right? Montage is a very interesting tool that can be used in advertising. I don’t see it very often these days I think because it’s difficult to do well. A good example of montages that we see all the time are movie trailers. They show us a montage of clips from the film and tell us a bit about what the story is.

This commercial is exactly the type of thing I think of when I hear “montage.” I think this is especially well done because it takes clips that are seemingly unrelated, except for the fact that they have loud sounds, and compiles them to illustrate what somebody else might be hearing, even if it’s the same exact sound.

I think this is a very well thought out and executed advertisement.

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Ad Icon – The Energizer Bunny

This iconic character has been around for a very long time. It’s a comedic approach to demonstration in advertising. I love how creative some of the commercials have been, like the ones that appear to be a commercial for something else until it gets interrupted by the small pink bunny that obnoxiously plays their drums forever.

This was the first time the energizer bunny appeared.

Here’s a few more recent ones that I’ve liked.

Here are a few Christmas ones that are particularly clever.