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Designed for Chloe

So these two students wanted to get an internship. But not just any internship, they wanted one at Droga5, an advertising agency based out of New York. So instead of applying with something that can be used for any application to any company, they decided to ignore everything they had been taught about targeting a broad audience. Instead, they made a series of ads that were targeted at Chloe Harlig, the person who selects interns for Droga5. Check it out:

As it turns out, this approach totally worked. They both got internships at Droga5.

Maybe I should ignore everything I’ve been taught too…

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Ikea bag

So earlier  I was just browsing through social media when I came across this article:

It had been shared by 3 different pages I follow, so I figured it would be worth checking out.

So what happened was this designer fashion company manufactured a bag that looked almost exactly like the super cheap giant tote you can buy at Ikea. The price was a steep $2145. So Ikea jumped on the chance to make an ad campaign.

They worked with the Swedish ad agency, ACNE, and came out with a campaign advertising their $0.99 bag as “The Original.” Here’s an example:


I thought this was incredibly clever and smart of them to jump on this chance. From my perspective, they don’t do a lot of advertising, so this is a great opportunity to remind people of their existence. And that they’re cheap.