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Son of a Binge

I’m a self-proclaimed binge-watcher extraordinaire. My greatest binge-watching achievements include watching all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in two weeks (before it was on Netflix, I had to find sketchy illegal websites), and watching the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life starting when it became available (at 2 AM), and not stopping until I was finished (at 8 AM). I’m also a huge lover of Korean Dramas, and this last spring break I started and finished 4 full series in the 10 days of break (K-drama episodes are 1 hour long and each series is about 16-18 episodes. Do they math).

Basically all of that was to say that this commercial applies to me:

I find this pretty hilarious and quite clever, since I can relate to it so much. I however, unlike those featured in this ad, know that there is a time and place for binge-watching. Like 2 AM in your room with headphone so as not to wake up your family who all have normal lives and jobs.


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