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Just 1 look…

Take a gander:

While browsing through Ads of the World, I came across this short film type advertisement. I think we can all agree that it is powerful.

I’ve had some interesting experiences with homeless people. In San Francisco I was told to “please lose some weight,” followed by some choice curse words. In Salt Lake City I was cursed at for being blonde. The number of times a homeless person has cursed at me for one reason or another has become too many to count.

However, in Dublin, I was stopped by a man sitting in front of a museum. He was wearing Minnie Ears and very tattered clothing. He held my hand and told me I was beautiful, that he would pray for me because I wasn’t having a great day, and to have a lovely day.

As you can see, encounters with homeless people can be degrading. Or, they can be life-changing. I’d prefer to remember the life-changing experiences.

This commercial really reminded me that, even though this person doesn’t have shelter, they are a human being, and they deserve to be treated like one, in a good way.


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