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Mac vs. PC

We all remember back in the mid-2000’s when Mac vs. PC became a very big ad campaign. This particular ad, watch here, is an example of problem and solution advertising.

Some commercials are very point black with the problem and the proposed solution, like this Citi Bank ad.

But this particular commercial puts the obvious problem in front of us, the security issues that come along with PC’s, and implies that if you had a Mac, you wouldn’t have to deal with this annoying feature of having to allow or not allow every action made on your computer.

I think this ad was done in such a way that the audience can relate quite well, since Mac didn’t really gain traction and popularity until the early 2000’s when they started making many new products like the iPod. And I think this ad campaign was quite successful, as now you look around and see iPhones and Macbooks everywhere.


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