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Slice of Life advertising

I’m kind of an Anime freak, so when I got the topic of an example of slice of life advertising, I was pretty excited. Commercials and other advertising that is universally relatable is my favorite kind of advertising.

Humans are natural story-tellers, and advertising is all about story-telling. So when you get to tell a story that evokes emotions that can be felt by anyone, anywhere, that kind of opportunity is golden.

There was a commercial I found to be a particularly good example of this kind of story-telling. The P&G commercial used during the 2016 olympics in Rio call “Thank you Mom.” Watch it here.

Everyone has a mother. We all have unique experiences in this life, and showing these stories brings these athletes that were previously seemingly out of reach to us average joes down to a level that everyone can understand and relate to. This ad was very well done and a very effective use of story-telling I think.


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