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The truth is…

The New York Times is making news, in more way than one.

For the first time ever, The New York Times has purchased an ad spot during the Oscars, set to air this coming Sunday. Watch the ad here. Print versions of the ad will continue to run after the Oscars.

In a time when fake news is more prevalent and shared than real news, The New York Times is endeavoring to help people find out the real truth, from the first source.

I recently shared a video on Facebook about how to tell if a news site is real or fake and how to fact check a news story. This didn’t used to be as necessary as it is these days, and that saddens me. Fewer and fewer people are making sure what they’re reading is true before spreading it to the masses. Most of the fake stories I see are offensive and looking for a reaction rather than to actually spread truth. God forbid people should know what’s actually going on in the world.

Props to The New York Times for this campaign. I appreciate your voice.


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