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I Want to Get Cancer…

Got your attention, right?

Well that’s exactly what The Irish Cancer Society intended with that slogan. The subhead says “before it gets you,” so it’s kind of an ah-ha moment after a shocking and pretty unbelievable statement.


As you can see, it’s a pretty eye catching advertisement. I think this is a very smart thing to do for a campaign that most people, when they see the words “society” or “cancer” might just pass by it completely and not even know what was being advertised.

Using strong copy is incredibly important in advertising. It creates a verbal-visual synergy that, whether we like it or not, people notice. As a new graphic designer, I know I need to work on my verbal skills, because it can be used greatly to your advantage when used well, and it can be very destructive if used incorrectly.

So take this as a good example, and get out there and create something amazing.



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