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Superbowl 51 Commercials

This year was the first time that I can remember ever actually sitting down to watch the entire Superbowl. I don’t mind football, I prefer college ball, but I don’t really follow any sports. But, I do like Superbowl commercials. I mean, who doesn’t? (With the exception of the horrible Mountain Dew commercial from SB 50 last year that shall remain nameless.)

As I’ve said before, I have very high expectations for advertisements. A commercial works on me only if it is funny, emotionally-charged, beautifully shot, or any combination of the three. If it’s just flat out strange, like some have been in the past, I either try to purge it from my mind or I unconsciously avoid that product in the future (e.g. Mountain Dew, not that I drank that to begin with).

So you can understand why it’s a big deal when I say that I was impressed with this years commercials. A few favorites come to mind right off the bat. The first two fall under the emotionally-charged category, and those are the NFL “Inside These Lines,” and the Hyundai commercial that was filmed during the game and aired just after the game finished.


The “Inside These Lines” commercial had a duel message of unification and a sort of we’re-all-in-this-together type ending. If you haven’t seen it, watch it here.


The Hyundai commercial was fantastic and beautifully done. It gave well-deserved attention to troops fighting for our country overseas. It made me cry watching it the first time. Watch it here.


The last one that I want to mention is the It’s a 10 “Four More Years” commercial. Absolutely hilarious. It had a subtle message of unity and inclusion that was very well done. This is one I was anticipating as I had heard earlier that day that they would be having a commercial during the third quarter, which makes them the first indie hair care company to do so. Watch it here.

Overall, there were some very moving, heartwarming, and funny commercials this year. There was nostalgia, tears, laughs, and empowerment beyond what I expected. Well done.


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