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Coca-Cola Superbowl Commercials

Coca-Cola consistently creates uplifting ads for their annual Superbowl commercial. They are very conscientious of the influence they have in the world, and they make the best of it to be sure. Their ad in last years Superbowl had the slogan “Download Happiness.” It sent a message to the world about how to counteract or stop the constant negativity we encounter online. It tackled a big issue being faced by today’s youth, which is online bullying.

Too often these days a majority of our social feeds are filled with bad news or degrading comments or rants about something that someone is dissatisfied with. This ad took the valuable Superbowl commercial time to spread an uplifting message and to encourage everyone within it’s reach to do the same.

My favorite kind of advertising is the kind that reminds me there is still some good in this world, even if it’s staged. Some of the greatest commercials I’ve seen have had no dialogue, but told a very powerful story nonetheless. Coca-Cola does a very good job of spreading a warm feeling, and I applaud them for their boldness.

If you want to be reminded of the Download Happiness commercial, here is a link for you 🙂


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