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Son of a Binge

I’m a self-proclaimed binge-watcher extraordinaire. My greatest binge-watching achievements include watching all 10 seasons of FRIENDS in two weeks (before it was on Netflix, I had to find sketchy illegal websites), and watching the Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life starting when it became available (at 2 AM), and not stopping until I was finished (at 8 AM). I’m also a huge lover of Korean Dramas, and this last spring break I started and finished 4 full series in the 10 days of break (K-drama episodes are 1 hour long and each series is about 16-18 episodes. Do they math).

Basically all of that was to say that this commercial applies to me:

I find this pretty hilarious and quite clever, since I can relate to it so much. I however, unlike those featured in this ad, know that there is a time and place for binge-watching. Like 2 AM in your room with headphone so as not to wake up your family who all have normal lives and jobs.

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I love the Property Brothers. I’ve actually watched everything they have on Netflix. It’s pretty much the only home renovation show I can stand to watch without putting it on mute. So seeing the Scott brothers in a new commercial for Esurance is pretty entertaining for me. They have a new series of clips where the Scott twins demonstrate some DIY tips about cars, in pretty hilarious ways. Check it out:

I’m particularly interested in seeing whatever the one that has them dressed as Abraham Lincoln is about and why they are dabbing.

Thank you Esurance, for bringing me more of the Scott twins.

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McDonald’s ads that don’t actually say “McDonald’s”

I love Mindy Kaling. She’s so real and hilarious and not what hollywood likes at all, which is part of why she’s so big right now. So McDonald’s decided to use her for a new campaign. The trick is, they don’t actually use their name in the ads at all. They talk about themselves as “that place where coke tastes so good,” and tell you to google that. Check it out:

I like the second one better, as it’s funnier to me. I think unnecessary censorship is hilarious, so they definitely targeted the right audience for this. These ads don’t even show up on McDonald’s social media sites. They created new accounts just for this campaign, which I think is totally brilliant and exactly right for the concept of this campaign.

Well done that place where Coke tastes so good.

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Designed for Chloe

So these two students wanted to get an internship. But not just any internship, they wanted one at Droga5, an advertising agency based out of New York. So instead of applying with something that can be used for any application to any company, they decided to ignore everything they had been taught about targeting a broad audience. Instead, they made a series of ads that were targeted at Chloe Harlig, the person who selects interns for Droga5. Check it out:

As it turns out, this approach totally worked. They both got internships at Droga5.

Maybe I should ignore everything I’ve been taught too…

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Breast cancer is a bitch that doesn’t discriminate. Which is why it’s kind of horrible that women’s nipples get censored on social media, but men’s do not. To get around that censorship, MACMA has previously made an ad using man boobs to promote checking yourself for breast cancer. This time, they just got rid of the nipples and replaced them with mouths. That sing. About boobs. Check it out:

Super weird, but super clever. This is a subject that doesn’t get enough attention either, so I’m glad someone is coming up with clever ways to get around censorship.

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Equal Pay Billionaires

Forbes Brazil came out with a campaign to address pay inequality between men and women and it is brilliant. They used Photoshop to put the faces of three famous billionaires on women’s bodies, did the calculations to see what their net worth would be were they a women, and the placed them back into the list of top billionaires with their new net worth.

The first one is Bill Gates, now Billie. His net worth puts him on the top of the list. But when he becomes a she, the net worth drops 21% and puts her as number 4 on the list instead.


Mark Zuckerberg drops from number 5 to number 11.


And Carlos Slim drops from number 6 to number 10.


I think this campaign is brilliant and needs to get much more attention. As a woman, I most definitely want to be paid the same as a man in my same position with my same qualifications.

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Spotify Family plan

Spotify is rolling out a new family plan! So to advertise this new feature, they came out with a couple new commercials that are super awkward. Check it out:

This one was weird. Not really a fan. The next one is better.

Super awkward, super hilarious. These gave me a good laugh, as Spotify is known to do.